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May 19

Winter Savings Tips: How to keep warm in winter on a budget

by Lachlan Hayes
Winter Savings Tips - How to keep warm in winter on a budget

As the picnic blankets are starting to be replaced with blankets of frost, one thing is for certain: winter is here!

The cost of keeping warm during winter can easily blow even the savviest saver’s budget out of proportion, but surely there are ways to keep your costs in check? Brave the colder months and keep your savings hot with these three handy tips.

Reduce your usage

When it comes to reducing your bills, the first and most obvious place to start is reducing your usage! It’s no secret that the biggest expenses in winter are mostly to do with heating. To combat overusing electricity and gas, deck out your house with warm stuff. Put flannelette sheets on the beds for some extra warmth and blankets on the couches to snuggle up with when you watch TV. You could even purchase some nice fluffy slippers and a dressing gown. Oh, and don’t forget to wear warmer clothes around the house! These are all ways to keep warm without having to blast the heater all night.

Another way to reduce your electricity usage, whilst perhaps a bit unpopular, is shortening the length of your showers. I struggle to get out of a warm shower on a cold day just as much as the next person, but hot water usage accounts for 21% of the average Australian’s energy bill so you could save quite a lot!

Warming the home

Whilst blankets and warm clothes will do some of the work, you’ll still probably find yourself having to heat up the home one way or another, but there are ways of doing this more efficiently than turning the heater on. If you’ve had a heater for a while that needs to replacing, or you’re just looking for a new one, make sure you check the energy rating on your new appliance. The more stars there are on the energy rating sticker, the less electricity the device will use, meaning a lower power bill! By spending a little more now on an energy efficient appliance, you could save in the long term.

If you typically only use some of the rooms in your house, it might be worth opting for a smaller, portable heater for those rooms. Whilst this will also involve some out of pocket expense now, you can save quite a bit in only heating rooms that you need heated! You can even close the room off with your doors to create a smaller space that can heat up faster.

Keeping it warm

Now that you and your house are nice and toasty, what are some tips to keep it this way? Well, one of the easiest ways to keep your house warm is to keep your blinds closed at all times (unless they are in direct sunlight). Over 1/3rd of heat can be lost when warm air hits cold windows and begins to cool. Drawing your blinds will prevent most of the air from being affected by cold windows, keeping your house nice and warm.

Another way to keep the heat in your home is to ensure that there are no drafts. If cold air is getting in, hot air is probably getting out too, so preventing drafts can be a really simple, yet effective way, to keep your place from cooling. You can do this by checking that windows and doors are closed or even by purchasing special “door sealers” from places like Bunnings. Door sealers can be attached to the bottom of your doors to block off the gap between your door and the floor and prevent any air leakage.

Finally, turn on your ceiling fans! This one might seem counterproductive but bear with me. Hot air rises, and what good is all that hot air if it’s above your head? Most ceiling fans will have a ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ mode. Winter mode reverses the cycle of the fan, pushing air down, meaning that if you have the heater on, this warm air can flow through the whole house and not just around the roof!

Hopefully, by following some of these ideas, you’ll be able to save some money whilst keeping warm this winter! Do you have any savings tips of your own? Click here to send them through to us on Facebook.