Steps to Consider When Buying a Property

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Steps to Consider When Buying a Property

Research the property 

Researching the property is essential to ensure that you are committing your hard earned money towards the most suitable home. We have helped you on your journey by creating a Home Buying Checklist for you.

Determine your budget

Deciding your budget in advance and sticking to it will prevent disappointment in the future. Quite often it is easy to be swept up in the emotion of buying a home and sometimes without a budget this can lead you to make irrational decisions or to over commit. Note that your budget will need to account for loan set up costs, legal fees and stamp duty.

Choosing the right home loan

We’re here to help, this step in the process is as important as finding the home. We know that choosing the right home loan can be daunting, so we have simplified it for you. Ask yourself these questions: are you planning to sell your property in the future? What features are important to you? What lender do you think will be right? Or see Choosing the Right Home Loan for more information.

Inspect the property

Uncover potential issues before it is too late and make sure that the property is fit to live in and pest free. The real estate agent will be able to arrange a property inspection for you pending you making an offer. 

Make an informed offer

The two rules of negotiation are; don’t take the first price and don’t give away information about your budget, keep this to yourself. A key part of purchasing a house is the negotiation that occurs between the buyer and the seller regarding the purchase price. Use research of the area and your pre-prepared budget in order to put forward a realistic but conservative offer as a baseline for further negotiation. Be mindful not to go in unrealistically low and sour the proceedings from the start.

Finalise your loan

Once you have agreed on the purchase price, you are now ready to lock in the loan. Pioneer Credit Connect would be delighted to work with you in order to find you the right loan and ensure that moving into your new home is as stress free and easy as it can be. To find out more about how our friendly team can help please call us on 1300 015 133.


The date of settlement is the point in the process when you take legal ownership of the property. At this time, money will be transferred through a settlement agent who ensure that the transfer of the property name is done fairly and legally. When the funds clear a formal handover will take place. Your solicitor or conveyancer will prepare and arrange for you to sign a Transfer of Land document, meaning you are now the owner of the property.

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