At Frollo, we’re serious about your privacy and the security and confidentiality of the information you entrust us with. We use the highest levels of security for all of our users.

Frollo is an inspiring financial companion that helps people get ahead in life. The Frollo app consolidates and organises your financial account information so you can get a new understanding of your finances. You can set attainable goals, budget and make better financial decisions.

With this in mind, we have partnered with Yodlee a global leader in the secure hosting and encryption of financial data through bank-grade security and data encryption services. Yodlee is trusted by over 70 MILLION USERS worldwide! Frollo cannot access your login information at any stage.

Of course to get this understanding we need your trust and approval to retrieve your bank transactions to be able to categorise your spending, bills and income. We securely access your bank accounts with your consent and login details.

Yodlee encrypts and secures the bank information you provide (and for another 70 million users). So how does this work? Quite simply when we need to get more transaction information from your bank accounts, we request Yodlee to use your encrypted login details to access your account and retrieve the information and send it to your app.

It’s also important to know the following about Frollo and how we use your information:

The Frollo app is a smart bank-grade application. Developed in conjunction with Yodlee we are able to retrieve your bank transaction information and present this information in greater detail than in your banking App.

  • Important! No bank information is stored on your phone App or computer.
  • Important! Frollo cannot make changes to your financial accounts.
  • Important! Frollo cannot approve payments or move funds.

For your additional convenience and security, Frollo will send you an SMS and email alert when:

  • A significant payment has been made.
  • You have achieved a Frollo goal.
  • You have made a change to your personal settings or bank details.

Trust Frollo to secure your information, your privacy and deliver the best financial app in the market.

We have already secured millions of dollars of transaction data and this is growing by the day as more and more Australians have joined Frollo to get ahead, together!

Behind our app is a team of people passionate about making a difference and very happy to help. If you have any questions please contact us via email at

Works with all Australian banks, Building Societies and Credit Unions.
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